How to Prepare Your Aircon Unit for Winter

A reliable aircon unit is a godsend during the summer months, but once that colder weather starts to draw in it’s time to give the aircon a rest. 

Many homeowners simply stop using their aircon during the winter without giving it a second thought. However, if you want to keep your aircon unit working perfectly all year long, we recommend you take a few steps to prepare your aircon for winter. 

In this article, we’ll explain how a service will help prepare your aircon unit for winter, and give you a few tips on how to keep your unit running as efficiently as possible. 

Turn off the power to your aircon 

Many aircon systems have an exterior power circuit that can be switched off when the aircon is not in use. It’s a good idea to switch this off if you won’t be needing your aircon during the winter. 

Not only does switching off the power allow you to perform maintenance tasks safely, it’ll also reduce the risk of damage to your unit while it’s not in use. And your aircon won’t automatically switch back on if the weather warms up unexpectedly. 

Remove your aircon unit for storage 

If you have a small aircon unit, you might prefer to ask an engineer to uninstall it and remove it. It can then be stored elsewhere during the colder months. This is a good idea if you want to avoid cold draughts in the chilliest weeks of the year. 

But of course, it’s not always practical, as many of us have large, heavy aircon units installed in hard to reach spots. 

If taking your aircon down for the winter isn’t an option, don’t worry. There are still many other things you can do to prepare the unit for the colder weather. 

Check your unit for signs of wear and tear 

Before turning off your aircon and forgetting about it until next summer, make sure you thoroughly check it for any signs of damage. 

If you spot any problems, like physical damage or electrical issues, now’s the perfect time to book an engineer appointment and get those fixed before you need to use your aircon again. 

Clean your aircon unit 

If your aircon is already off, take the opportunity to get it serviced so it can be thoroughly cleaned. Too few of us clean our aircon filters regularly, and this can lead to damage in the units as dust and particles make their way inside. 

Your engineer will clean around the exterior of the unit, removing any debris that could build up and cause issues with your aircon when it comes time to turn it back on again. 

Insulate your aircon system for the winter 

Insulation can make all the difference in protecting your aircon during the winter months. 

Parts of the system that are exposed, such as exterior pipes and wiring, usually need a little extra protection from the cold weather. 

Insulation will stop any liquids inside the pipes from freezing during the winter, reducing the risk of burst pipes and the expensive repairs that inevitably follow. 

If you’re unsure how best to insulate your aircon, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. One of our engineers will be able to insulate your aircon to ensure it’s well protected through any cold snaps that winter might bring.  

Check your aircon system regularly 

Homeowners often forget about their aircon systems entirely during the winter. Of course, this is understandable – after all, who has aircon on their mind when it’s snowing outside? But if you have time to check your aircon during the winter it’s well worth doing so. 

We recommend checking the aircon systems once a week. Remove debris and keep exterior units free of ice and snow. Look for any physical damage that may need repairs, keeping an eye out for any signs that further maintenance could be needed. 

If you spot anything you’re unsure about, ask an engineer to check the unit for you. The aircon doesn’t need to be in use for a member of our team to be able to check for any repairs that might be needed. 

We always advise getting any potential issues sorted well in advance of spring and summer. 


Get advice on how to prepare your aircon unit

If you have questions about preparing your aircon unit for winter, or you think your aircon might need a repair before it’s turned back on next year, don’t hesitate to contact our team. specialises in all things air conditioning, from installations and repairs to routine maintenance. We have extensive knowledge and experience, and we’re on hand to keep your air conditioning running perfectly. 

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