Are Tenants or Landlords Responsible for Boiler Cover?

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The boiler might not be the first thing you look at when you consider renting a property, but it’s important not to overlook this essential piece of kit. Boilers, when they’re working well, will often go unnoticed. But as soon as things start to go awry, the upkeep of the boiler immediately becomes a top priority!

Boiler cover can help provide some much-needed peace of mind for both tenant and landlord. But whose responsibility is it to keep that boiler in perfect condition? If a boiler goes wrong, is it down to the landlord or the tenant to get it fixed? Read on and we’ll explain everything you need to know, from the landlord’s responsibilities to the best boiler cover options.

What is Boiler Cover?

Boiler cover is a form of insurance. It’s well worth having for both the property that you live in, and any properties that you plan to rent out. The insurance always covers the boiler itself, but some policies also provide more extensive coverage. It can be used if anything goes wrong with the boiler, whether a simple repair is needed or the entire unit has to be replaced.

If a property is being rented, boiler cover is a good idea because it helps to ensure the boiler can be fixed or replaced quickly. In the event of a complete breakdown, a landlord won’t be left with a hefty bill for a new unit either. The type of boiler cover you need will vary depending on your specific requirements, but there are many options available to suit homeowners and landlords alike.

Whose Responsibility Is Boiler Cover?

A landlord is ultimately responsible for the boiler in any property being rented to tenants. While tenants are expected to look after the boiler and report any concerns quickly to the landlord or the agency looking after the property, it’s always down to the landlord to make sure the boiler is repaired and serviced as and when required.

If boiler cover is taken out, it should be done by the landlord, as they are the owner of the property. The cover will therefore be paid for by the landlord, and the landlord will benefit from the reduced costs involved in repairs and replacements if the boiler does ever stop working. Tenants would only ever be asked to pay for repairs if the boiler was damaged as a direct result of their actions.

Landlord Boiler Cover

It’s common for homeowners to take out boiler cover policies for the boilers in their property. But there’s also a specific type of boiler cover that’s aimed exclusively at landlords. Landlord boiler cover is perfect for those who have properties that they rent to tenants. It enables landlords to provide quick, efficient repair services for tenants in their properties, and ensures that boilers can be fixed as a matter of urgency if they ever happen to go wrong.

With landlord boiler cover in place, tenants should never have to go long without hot water or heating, even if a boiler breaks down completely and a replacement is needed.

Boiler cover policies provide complete coverage for the boiler itself, as well as the property’s central heating system. Boiler cover includes the servicing of a boiler, which should be done annually to keep a boiler in perfect health. The insurance also covers parts and labour, as well as Gas Safety certificates which are required if a property is being rented to tenants. There are plenty of different types of landlord boiler cover to choose from. The options vary in cost and complexity, with some providing simple, very basic coverage and others providing far more extensive protection for the entire property. Look into the different options to find out which one best suits your needs.

Can Tenants Fix a Boiler Themselves?

If a boiler breaks down and tenants are home, it can be tempting to see if the problem can be fixed without having to call in the experts. However, we always recommend that tenants do not attempt to fix a boiler themselves, even if the issue seems like a simple one.

Fixing a boiler can be dangerous, particularly if the person completing the work doesn’t have the expertise required. If a tenant causes damage to the boiler while attempting to fix it, they may also be liable for the cost of any repairs needed as a result. Those working on a boiler should always be Gas Safe certified, which is why we always say that boiler problems are best left to qualified professionals.

In the event of a boiler-related issue, tenants should first report the problem to their landlord. The landlord can then organise for the boiler to be checked and repaired by a qualified engineer, at a time that’s convenient for the tenants.

Landlords’ Responsibilities

There are many different rules and regulations which have been created to help keep tenants safe. Gas safety is a real priority in rental properties, and there are legal duties that landlords must abide by to ensure that tenants are never put in danger.

The Gas Safety Regulations of 1998 state that it is the responsibility of the landlord to make sure that appliances within the property are safe for tenants’ use. Landlords must therefore check that all gas appliances, chimneys and flues are safe, and service all relevant appliances regularly. So it’s always a good idea for landlords to take out specialist landlord boiler cover, then any required services or repairs can be completed safely and efficiently.

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