Debunking 4 Common Boiler Myths

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Boilers are one of those necessities that no one who owns a property can outrun. Due to their importance in day-to-day life and the substantial price point that comes attached to them, there are a plethora of differing views about these appliances floating around – some true, some false.

 The following article cuts through all the noise and debunks 4 common boiler myths to help you make an informed decision the next time you’re shopping around for the best options.

  1. Combi boilers take forever to fill a bath

This was only true over a decade ago but somehow the rhetoric has lingered until now. Back then; the size of combi boilers was dependent upon the number of radiators that were installed in a property and the size of the hot water tank.

Today, it is based on output with regards to the flow rate of hot water. With various options now available, you can consult with your gas engineer to choose a combi boiler that is the ideal size, with the right output capacity for your property and individual requirements.

  1. Combi boilers are not ideal for large homes

In a similar fashion to the myth above this may have been true when combi boilers first came to market over 10 years ago but it is definitely not the case today.

Modern combi boilers are extremely powerful and can supply multiple bathrooms. In addition to this, they can also come equipped with storage capacity. This enables you to store and heat the water separately so that every time you need it, the heated, stored water is readily available. 

  1. You need to wait much longer for hot water to reach the tap

This statement was only applicable to boilers of yesteryear. Present-day boilers come complete with pre-heating functionality. As a result, you no longer have to let the tap run for a while before hot water is eventually delivered. You also have the option to turn the pre-heat function off to save energy and cut costs.

  1. There is no backup if the boiler fails

This holds true with no electric immersion or hot water tank. In such cases, you won’t get any heat or hot water if your combi boiler were to fail. The key point to note, however, is that new age boilers come with excellent warranties – often in the 8 – 10-year range. As such, you can rest assured that you’re covered if you were to have any issues with the boiler.

Boiler Myths Debunked

That’s 4 common boiler myths debunked. You are now in a better position to separate fact from fiction the next time you come across unofficial information about combi boilers online and offline. Once you’ve made your purchase look to organise an annual service to ensure peak performance over a longer period of time.