How to Clean a Magnetic Filter On a Boiler

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Magnetic filters provide numerous benefits for heating systems. The filters use powerful magnets to attract sludge and other debris, stopping it from circulating in a system and causing problems. But magnetic filters can also become clogged up with the debris they have attracted over time. 

If a magnetic filter isn’t cleaned regularly, it may stop working. When this happens, debris will begin building up in the system again. And that’s why filters must be kept well maintained with an annual clean. 

In this article, we’ll explain more about how magnetic filters work and what you need to do to keep them in pristine condition. 


What Does a Magnetic Filter Do?

Primarily, magnetic filters help to lengthen the lifespan of heating systems by keeping sludge, dirt and other debris at bay. 

The sludge that builds up in heating systems can cause many issues, leading to cold patches on radiators and inefficient heating throughout a property. Magnetic filters are designed to combat such problems, and they do so in a simple yet highly effective way. 

The black sludge that causes so many problems for heating systems results from steel meeting with water and oxygen. When this occurs, corrosion causes sludge to build up. The resulting sludge can then start to move around the system. 

Chemical flushes and power flushes can remove sludge, but for day-to-day maintenance, a magnetic filter is brilliantly effective at doing so. 

The magnets used in a magnetic filter are designed to attract any sludge within the system. The magnetic will also pick up other dirt and debris that shouldn’t be circulating in pipes and radiators. 

This helps to ensure that the heating system is working as efficiently as possible, lowering bills and extending the lifespan of the boiler and heating system. 


How to Clean a Magnetic Filter on a Boiler

If you have a magnetic filter installed, we would advise that it is cleaned annually. Homeowners often choose to have this done when the boiler is serviced to keep any disruption to a minimum. 

Cleaning a magnetic filter is a job for a qualified, gas-safe engineer. We would never recommend undertaking such a job unless you have all the relevant qualifications and are confident in what you’re doing, as there is a real risk that you could cause damage to the system or, in a worst case scenario, leave the system unsafe to use. 

Get in touch with a member of our team to arrange an appointment to have your magnetic filter cleaned. One of our qualified engineers will visit at a convenient time, and we’ll have your magnetic filter back in pristine condition in no time. 


Do I Need a Magnetic Filter on My Boiler?

Magnetic filters are not required for all boilers, but there are real advantages to having one. 

We’ve talked about the dirt and debris that builds up in boilers and heating systems over time. Often, customers ask us to power flush or chemical flush their systems to remove such debris, but if you have a clean magnetic filter in place, you’ll find that it takes far longer for debris to build up. 

That’s great news for the entire heating system, as sludge and other debris can cause damage to all the components that keep it running smoothly. 

Install a magnetic filter, and it’ll remove the debris without you ever having to think about it. And if you keep your filter well maintained with a scheduled annual clean, you’ll find that it works perfectly for many years to come. 

Some boiler manufacturers insist on certain terms an conditions for extended warranties to qualify.


Get Advice on Cleaning a Magnetic Filter

If you’d like to learn more about magnetic filters and how they work, our team of gas-safe engineers know all there is to know about magnetic filters and will be able to answer any queries you might have. 

Whether you’re thinking about getting a magnetic filter installed for the first time, you’re unsure if your magnetic filter is working correctly, or you’d simply like to book a cleaning service for your magnetic filter, we’re here to help.

Installing a magnetic filter can make a huge difference to any heating system, reducing the need for costly repairs and extending its lifespan while simultaneously improving efficiency to keep those heating bills as low as possible. So, there’s no reason not to invest in a filter for your heating system. 

Contact us to discuss magnetic filters in more detail or to book an appointment for a magnetic filter installation.