Should You Install a Boiler in a Bedroom?

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Written By: JustBoilers Experts | Last Updated: January 2022

When you start thinking about where to position a boiler in your house, the bedroom might not be the first place that springs to mind. But it’s actually perfectly possible to fit a boiler in a bedroom, and many homeowners are now choosing to do exactly that.

While there are some restrictions to consider before you take the plunge and move the boiler to your bedroom, modern boilers are actually quite safe to fit in a bedroom. They can even be concealed within a wardrobe so you won’t notice them at all. If you’re starting to wonder whether it might be a good idea to install a boiler in your bedroom, take a look at the considerations below and weigh up your options.

Is a move to the bedroom in store for your boiler? If so, we’re here to help make it happen. Contact our team to arrange a visit and we’ll talk you through the process of installing a boiler in your bedroom. If you’re happy with the arrangements, we’ll then book you in for the boiler installation at a time that’s convenient for you.

Noise Disturbance

Even the most high-tech, expensive boilers aren’t completely silent. And this is something you’ll definitely need to think about if you’re considering moving the boiler to your bedroom.

Boilers that are located in kitchens, lofts and utility rooms will always make a noise, but you’ll probably never have noticed the sound of your boiler running before. Move the boiler to your bedroom, though, and you may well find the quiet hum of it working a little disturbing if you’re trying to sleep. A combi boiler will usually make a sound when it’s heating water, and you may also hear the flame igniting if the boiler is located in a quiet room.

A particularly noisy boiler is usually indicative of an issue with the appliance itself, so don’t ignore the boiler if you start to notice the sounds it makes a little more than usual. If the volume of the noise being emitted from your boiler appears to be increasing, or it sounds different to normal, it’s definitely worth getting your appliance checked.

Talk to one of our engineers to arrange a health check of your boiler and find out if there are any issues that need resolving. In all likelihood, a simple repair will get your boiler back in full working order, and any noise problems will soon be a thing of the past.

Cupboard Space in Your Bedroom

Modern boilers are quite compact, so they can easily be concealed within fitted furniture like wardrobes. But there’s no getting around the fact that even the most compact boiler will take up a certain amount of space in your bedroom.

For many of us, cupboard space is hugely important in the bedroom – so sacrificing a wardrobe to a boiler might not sound like the best idea. But if your bedroom is large, and you’ve got plenty of wardrobes to store your belongings in, then this may not be a problem. Think about the layout of your bedroom and consider where you’d like your boiler to be concealed, then talk to an engineer about whether the location will be suitable.

Heat from a Boiler

A boiler is responsible for generating heat and heating hot water. So it’ll come as no surprise that some warmth will come from the application itself. This doesn’t usually cause any problems if a boiler is housed in the loft or in a utility room, but it might be a little more noticeable if your boiler is in the bedroom.

Think about how warm your bedroom gets during the summer months, and consider whether the addition of a boiler would make it too uncomfortable to sleep during those hottest nights of the year. If your bedroom does get quite hot as it is, we wouldn’t recommend installing a boiler here.

There are things you can do to avoid your bedroom becoming too warm because of the boiler, if you have no other viable options. The cupboard the boiler is housed in can be insulated, so that it’s just this space that gets heated up and not the entire room. However, it’s likely that the room will still feel a little warmer if the boiler is installed here.

Restrictions and Regulations

There are a number of different safety regulations which must be adhered to when boilers are being moved or installed. Some of these refer specifically to boilers being installed in bedrooms. While it’s always a good idea to read up on the regulations, any Gas Safe registered engineer will be fully aware of these rules, and will know how to install a boiler safely in a bedroom.

Since October 1998, any bedroom or room used for sleeping cannot contain appliances such as a gas fire, gas space heater or a gas water heater if they are over 14 kilowatts, unless the appliance is room sealed. This also includes gas boilers. If the appliance isn’t room sealed, it instead needs to be fitted with a safety device which will stop the gas supply in the event of any issues resulting in fumes being emitted.

We highly recommend that bedrooms (and other rooms of the house) are fitted with carbon monoxide alarms. Carbon monoxide is an odourless gas, and it’s enormously dangerous if levels of carbon monoxide are allowed to build up within the home. Sadly, many people have been killed by undetected leaks of this poisonous gas in the past. A carbon monoxide alarm will alert all members of the household to the presence of carbon monoxide, in exactly the same manner as a smoke alarm.

If you’d like to talk to an engineer about a new boiler installation, or you have questions about moving your current boiler, get in touch with us. Our team is hugely experienced in boiler installations, servicing and repairs, and of course we’re all Gas Safe registered too. Contact us to find out more.