Supporting Our Local Food Bank

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We know how important it is to give back to our local community, which is why we’ve been supporting the work done by the Earlsfield Foodbank for over four years.

The Earlsfield Foodbank is moments away from HQ, and we’re hugely proud of the incredible work done by the team there.

Sadly, charities such as food banks are now in higher demand than ever before, with increasing numbers of people having to turn to them for help accessing basic necessities. Not only are their services being used by those who are out of work, food banks are also providing a lifeline to those whose hours have been cut, as well as carers, low-income families, and people who have been hit hard by the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Our company was founded with three principles: honesty, value, and service. And these principles have always been at the forefront of everything we do. Of course, they sum up the work we do for our customers, and how we do it, but they also show what’s important to us as a team.

A few years back, we decided to go a step further in our mission to help our local community, by providing some much-needed support to the worthwhile causes in our area. And it wasn’t long until we stumbled upon a cause that resonated with us all.

While out on the road in 2017, we noticed that the local church had its own food bank. We popped in to meet some of the volunteers, who regularly give up their time to help ensure that no one in the Earlsfield area goes hungry. We were incredibly impressed with the work being done by this caring team and we quickly set about finding out what we could do to help them support more people.

Our team soon came up with a plan. For every job we did, we would donate food, toiletries, and other items to the Earlsfield Foodbank. We continued to do this over the years, and we’re still donating food for every single job we do to this day.

We’ve now donated tens of thousands of items of food and toiletries to the food bank, and we’ve made cash donations of over £12,000. We’re proud to continue to support the vital work the team do here, particularly as more and more companies face difficult times as a result of the pandemic. And we hope you’ll consider helping your local food bank too.

If you’d like to join us in supporting the Earlsfield Foodbank, just mention it to one of our friendly engineers. We’re always happy to take any donations you’d like to make to the church for you. Just hand your donations to one of our engineers, and we’ll drop them off on your behalf.

If you already donate to your local food bank, we’d like to extend a huge thank you. Without the support of local people and businesses, these charities wouldn’t be able to offer the help that they do, and far too many people would be left struggling as a result.

Find out more about how you can find your nearest food bank, and what you can do to support them, at Thank you.